Strategic Compensation and Data Specialist

Jul 14, 2022

The Texas Education Agency is looking for a Strategic Compensation and Data Specialist. The Strategic Compensation and Data Specialist will play in supporting a pathway for outstanding Texas teachers to earn six-figure salaries.  This individual will play a key role in providing technical assistance to districts as they implement their local designation systems and prepare for the data submission process.  The specialist will guide districts in how to set-up their data management systems, monitor the collection of data, and analyze throughout the year. This individual will also support districts in innovating around compensation, spending and funding, while ensuring districts are able to meet the statutory requirements for Teacher Incentive Allotment spending.

The Strategic Comp and Data Specialist will serve as our point person around all things TIA spending/funding and play an important role with our new Strategic Compensation District Fellowship. The role will also expand our work around district data collection, analysis, and submission.

If you’re interested in learning more, email and we’ll connect you with the hiring team.