TEA Launches Project Restore

Dec 14, 2020

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, students have been at higher risk of exposure to adverse childhood experiences and first hand exposure to the effects of COVID-19. Many educators have themselves experienced a prolonged state of stress over the course of the pandemic and share many of the concerns regarding loss of safety, health, and predictability as students.

That’s why TEA has launched Project Restore (, a trauma-informed training video series, which is designed to address these extraordinary and unprecedented needs and connect educators to relevant science and strategies that can help them address their own emotional needs as well the needs of their students and colleagues. This series will help educators create an environment that jump starts teaching and learning and drives student achievement.

Here are the topics covered in the series-

  • Understanding Trauma and its Impact
  • Understanding Your Experience and Building Resilience
  • Understanding Your Students’ Experience
  • Building Secure Relationships
  • Developing a Positive Classroom Culture
  • Building Strong Partnerships with Students’ Families

Each video has been created with a COVID-19 lens and includes support for both in-person and remote instruction. Educators will be able to implement trauma-informed strategies immediately after watching the videos and reflect on their practices to support longer term changes. LEAs can have educators watch the videos on their own or bring school staff together in a facilitated professional development session. Each video has a facilitation guide for a school leader, instructional coach, or mental health professional to lead their respective team on the content of the video. There are additional mental health and emotional well-being resources on the Project Restore website.

Finally, educators will receive CPE units for each video and the series fulfills the SB 11 requirement for LEA personnel around trauma-informed and grief training. If you want to learn more about supporting educators, improving educator practices, and school culture through Project Restore, please reach out to the Director of Special Populations, Niloy Gangopadhyay at