NYOS Open Positions

Feb 1, 2022

NYOS Charter School has several open positions for the 2022-2023 school year. Learn more about their positions below. To apply complete the short application (should take only 3 minutes)!

Senior Accountant-

7th Grade ELA Teacher (22-23 SY)

7th Grade Mathematics Teacher (22-23 SY)

7th Grade Science Teacher (22-23 SY)

7th Grade Social Studies Teacher (22-23 SY)

7th Grade Tech Applications Teacher (22-23 SY)

Middle School Special Education Assistant-

Middle School Math (7th Grade)-

Middle School Literacy Teacher –

Middle School/High School Dyslexia Specialist-

High School Special Ed. Assistant-

Elementary Special Education Teacher-

Elementary School Counselor-

Elementary Kindergarten Teacher (22-23 SY)

Elementary 4th Grade Teacher (22-23 SY)

Elementary 1st Grade Teacher (22-23 SY)

Elementary 5th Grade Teacher (22-23 SY)