Opportunity Culture: Multi-Classroom Leader

Apr 6, 2022

Opportunity Culture, an initiative by public impact

The multi-classroom leader (MCL) leads a small team of teachers, paraprofessionals, and teaching residents in the same grade or subject to meet the MCL’s standards of excellence. MCLs establish each team member’s roles and goals at least annually, determine how students spend time, and organize teaching roles to fit each teacher’s strengths, content knowledge, and professional development goals. The team uses the MCL’s methods and tools. The MCL co-plans, co-teaches, models, coaches, and gives feedback. The MCL also teaches students part of the time, in most cases. The MCL organizes the team to analyze student learning data and change instruction to ensure high-growth learning for every child. The MCL collaborates with the team, using the team’s ideas and innovations that the MCL agrees may improve learning. The MCL is fully accountable for learning and development of all students taught by the team members. Each MCL helps choose and  evaluate team members and leads their development, and dismisses low performers when necessary (all in cooperation with the principal).

Read the full job description here.