Dana Center Math Pathways Implementation Coordinator

Jul 14, 2022

Dana Center staff works to ensure that every student, especially Black and Latino students and those experiencing poverty, has equitable access to and success in math pathways that align with their aspirations. Much of the work focuses on state-level math pathways implementation, including:

  • adding pathways in areas like statistics and quantitative literacy in both K-12 and postsecondary settings; 
  • helping state-level agencies and postsecondary systems or institutions understand and set equity priorities based on data; 
  • implementing policies to ensure smooth transitions from high school, through community colleges, and into four-year institutions; 
  • replacing developmental math sequences with corequisites supports; and 
  • continuously improving based on evaluation, adjusting processes as necessary. 

Applications for a Math Pathways Implementation Coordinator will be considered until the position is filled – apply now!