TEA Deputy Commissioner

Aug 17, 2021

The Deputy Commissioner of Special Populations leads the high-profile work that supports students with disabilities, English learners, and highly mobile and at-risk populations.

Working directly with the Commissioner, the Deputy Commissioner is charged with ensuring alignment of supports and resources from TEA that are intended to serve the diverse learning needs of Texas students. This includes overseeing an enhanced special education system that has increased the total number of students being served to over 600,000 and updating the Special Education Strategic Plan to incorporate lessons from the first three years of implementation.

This role oversees the support and monitoring of more than 1,200 school systems in educating over one million English learners. The Deputy Commissioner is responsible for connecting all aspects of educational services for these diverse students to more general supports available through other areas of the agency. This role will oversee the design and delivery of high-leverage products and services for students, LEAs, and families. The ideal candidate has the ability to invest a wide range of internal and external stakeholders in a shared vision, as well as the ability to systematically monitor the effectiveness of offerings and adjust in response to data.

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